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We are Tereza and David. 


Together we have started doing wedding photography. It is something that gives us much pleasure and joy.


We are naturally introverted. We get nervous every time we are supposed to shoot a group picture. We feel the most secure when we can pass unnoticed, surrounded by the cheerfulness and merriness of a wedding ceremony. Perceiving every detail, we breathe in the joyful atmosphere. Through the camera objective, we watch people’s eyes light up on one of the happiest days of their lives.

Our approach

One of us sets their objective upon the preparations of the bride, while the other focuses on the groom and the arrival of the wedding guests. We become part of your inner circle, we get to know you and let you and your guests become familiar with the presence of a photographer.

During the ceremony, we take pictures from different angles. 

That is where we benefit the most from being two photographers. We try to be as discreet as possible so as not to disrupt the intimacy of the moment. We focus not only on your emotions, but also capture how your loved ones are experiencing the ceremony. 

The entire day is interwoven by a web of little stories. Your guests experience different moments and emotions, with or without you. Rather than staging group photos, we become silent observers documenting spontaneous and natural situations.

During the day, we go for a walk with just the two of you. We won’t force you into any unnatural poses, but if you need our guidance, we are ready to help you out. We want you to enjoy the process of taking pictures, so that you can loosen up a bit and relax. If the lighting conditions are right, we won’t need more than just a moment to take the pictures. After all, what is most important are your guests and the fact that you enjoy your special day. 

The dance floor rumbles, the wine flows freely – it is time to end this day with a proper celebration. The atmosphere slowly shifts as darkness fills the surroundings and we keep on making sure to capture it for you (and for all those who might not remember it so clearly the next day:) in all its uniqueness.

“Are you looking for a wedding photographer who can create a beautiful photo album without forcing you into tacky poses? Someone who will capture your wedding in a way that will make you want to show it off with pride instead of hiding the pictures in shame? Tereza and David are companions not only in life but also in the photography profession. They complete each other effortlessly and, with two sets of eyes, they are able to capture every important moment as well as those little elusive snapshots you will cherish and want to keep for years to come. Managing the adrenaline rush of documenting an event that comes once in a lifetime, something many wedding photographers struggle with, is their forte. Full of joy, they become your new family members, but also stay as discreet observers who can afterwards recount the events of your special day from beginning to end. They take on the role of observant guests with a sense of challenge and a unique outlook through the camera lens. Wedding photographs by David and Terka can also be a little piece of art and you are sure to avoid suffering through any tense poses. All you need is to say “I do” and, with their keen sense, they will capture even tears of joy.”


                                         - KAROLÍNA KRUPKOVÁ